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Get Off to a Good Start

Deep Sleep Alarm was created based on a very simple idea – if your brain is stimulated deeply enough, and for long enough, you’ll get up when your alarm goes off. Over time, you can become desensitized to your alarm clock sounds, and while you are in your sleep-drugged state, you snooze or turn off your alarm without realizing the implications. This game-changing alarm won’t shut off until you complete a mini-game brain challenge. That’s how it works.

The mini-games have been carefully crafted to ensure that your are fully aware and awake by the time they are complete. This reduces the likelihood that you’ll crawl back into bed when you need to be somewhere else: like in the shower, or at work, or taking your final exams, or dropping your kids at daycare, or just simply out of bed…

The mini-games are fun and challenging; now you can look forward to waking up. They’re also a great way to practice your critical thinking, math, and memory skills.

You Snooze You Loose

What’s so bad about snoozing? Many sleep science experts have found that hitting the snooze button creates a vicious cycle of “sleep inertia.” Each time you go back to sleep, your body starts to enter deeper stages of your sleep cycle.

When your alarm sounds again 10 minutes later, you are likely to feel even more tired, and then suffer from a feeling of grogginess throughout the day – a.k.a. sleepiness-related daytime impairment.

We don’t encourage snoozing, but we also understand that bad habits can’t be stopped immediately. That’s why we’ve implemented a reward system. The application conditions you to get up right away by rewarding you for answering the challenge questions quickly and correctly. You will be awarded coins each time you finish a mini-game challenge. The better you perform, the more coins you earn. Redeem your coins for a snooze, but think of it it as a lifeline: once you use it, it’s gone, so use it wisely!

We’ve designed the application so that you won’t get sucked into trying to get “five more minutes” that turns into an hour, which places you in the bathroom trying to decide between brushing your teeth or your hair.