pumpBrain deep sleep alarm clock app features

Pump Up Your Brain

The app offers a variety of fun and challenging mini-games. Each mini-game is customizable by level of difficulty – we know one size doesn’t fit all! While the main purpose of the mini-games is to wake you up on time, it’s a great way to practice your math, memory, and critical thinking skills.


Reliability You Can Trust

Deep Sleep Alarm won’t leave you hanging. The alarm will sound as long as the app is running in the background – even if you have minimized it, or if you accidentally left your phone on silent.


Reward Yourself!

We’ve implemented a reward system that acts as a positive reinforcement mechanism. You earn coins each time you solve a challenge. Redeem those coins for a snooze. The snooze is like a lifeline – once used, it’s gone, so use it wisely!


Alarm Countdown

As soon as you set an alarm you will be notified with the amount of time left before your alarm goes off. In addition, a countdown to your next scheduled alarm will be displayed so that at any point you know how much time you have left before your alarm goes off. This helps prevent nasty situations where you set your alarm to PM when you meant to set it to AM.


Sleep Cycle Science

Provides you with multiple bedtime options to help you gain enough restful sleep before your scheduled alarm goes off. This is based on the popular science of sleep cycles.


Alarm Tone Variety

Comes with 12 irritatingly-effective and carefully selected alarm tones. Need more variety? Upgrade, and use any of our paid alarm tones, or wake up to your favourite song from your music library.


Graphs and Statistics

Track your performance using our graphs and statistics feature. See how long it is taking you to wake up, and how well you are doing on the challenges each time you wake up. Look for patterns to plan your bedtimes and alarm times.


Go Ad-Free

When an app is free, like ours, advertisements are a necessary evil. Want to get rid of those pesky ads? We’ve made it easy for you. No purchase  is necessary; just refer the app to your friends on Facebook.